Meta4 - Chi Gong

Chi Kung is the Practice of Energy Work.  It draws upon aspects of Nature Earth, Air, Water, Fire (and Metal & Ether), and uses their forms as teachers (Rivers, Birds, Animals, Rocks, Mountains, Plants, Animals, etc.), Chi Kung is also incorporates Dualistic aspects of Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine, Giving & Receiving to embrace the whole.  Chi Kung draws on Ancient Wisdom of Taoism, Tantra, and Zen, as well as numerous New Age forms that are continuing to be developed, in order to help the Modern Human connect with His/Her Physical, Emotional, Energetic, & Spirit Body through Breath, Movement, Intention & Imagination

In Meta4 Chi Gong, Tyler has combined his love for Energy Work with Freeform Dance, and created a lightly guided experience for dancers to engage with the 5 Elements, Yin & Yang, Dance Music, and their Creative Imagination.   

Tyler has studied Traditional Chinese QiGong with Wendy Lang, of Empty Mountain, Tibetan Shamani QiGong with the Lama Tantrapa, of the Qi Dao Academy, UZAZU (the 16 Ways) with Dylan Newcomb, as well as other forms developed while on the Dance Floor & in Nature.

In his Chi Kung Classes, Tyler incorporates Traditional Chinese QiGong, Tibetan Shamanic QiGong, Matrix Energetics,