Tyler Blank's Bio

AcroYoga Teacher:

Tyler was introduced to AcroYoga in 2004, and has been teaching since 2006 as one of the first 5 teachers of the practice.  He specializes in the Partner Yoga Flow aspect of A.Y., and teaches throughout the Bay Area.


Chi Kung Therapist:

Trained in Traditional Medical QiGong with Wendy Lang of Empty Mountain, and the International Institute of Medical QiGong.  Also under the tutelage of Rinpoche Lama Tantrapa of The Acadamy of Qi Dao, Tibetan Shamanic QiGong.







The camera gave him an excuse to hop fences, and explore unique perspectives.  Once a street artist in San Francisco & Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, he now he focuses on Yoga photography, in natural settings.  His camera is now taking a rest, in order to live on the other side of the lens.


Massage Therapist:

Healing begins within.  Beginning with bodywork training at The Breema Center, following with Vibrational Healing at the World School of Massage, Clairvoyant Training at Berkeley Psychic Institute, Whizard's Training with Matrix Energetics, Medical Qi Gong with Wendy Lang and Empty Mountain.  He gives intuitive sessions on site, and from his studio in Rockridge, Oakland California.


Ecstatic Dancer:

Founded in May 2008 with Donna Carroll, Ecstatic Dance is a Freeform Journey of Movement held twice weekly in the Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Uptown Oakland.  Based on their experiences of Ecstatic Dance on the Big Island of Hawaii, they wanted this energy in the Bay Area conscious dance community, and while living out of their vehicles, began to pay their dues, and their rent, to the Ballroom, building Altars, convincing DJ's, and offering Dances... to Move however you Wish!

The DJ:

Spinning his first public set at Ecstatic Dance September 2008, Tyler (MrBlank / DJ Blank Tape) collects music in his free time, and favors emotional music: from dreamy ambient, to delightfully deep house... joyful soul hop, powerful dubstep, magnificent electro house, sing a-long pop songs, abstract jazz space, to name a few... all in the same Journey.  He wants dancers to experience a full range of musical movement possibilites, and attempts to make that transition with them.



The Director:

Tyler saw the movie "Pay it Forward" and thought, now everyone will start giving to each other!  Things didn't exactly change overnight.  He dreamed of ways Gifts of Love could be remembered, and passed along, Paying it Forward.  Giving Coins serve as this reminder, when someone has helped us out, given us support and appreciation.  The Coins can be followed online by anyone, as one gets passed to another.  Giving Coins are out of mint, 300 in circulation.  We hope there will be more in the future...